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By following the GitOps paradigm, I am able to completely automate the provisioning, deployment, and operation of my homelab.

Check out the code repository.

Project Features

OpenStack Host Management

  • Builds a self-installing Rocky Linux ISO.
  • Provides Ansible roles for deploying a single-node OpenStack cloud.
  • Optional: Provides a GitLab Runner for infrastructure CI/CD jobs.

Production Server

  • Media server platform, with requests and automated acquisitions.
  • Home automation platform, easily integrated with the media platform.
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning, and application deployment.
  • Leverages Podman containers, and SELinux, for isolation.
  • Automatic OS and application container updates.
  • Automatic, incremental backups.

Kubernetes Cluster (in development)

  • Fully automated cluster provisioning, integrated with GitLab CI.
  • Continuous Deployment of applications, using Flux.
  • Monitoring system based on Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Optional: Highly available control plane.
  • Coming soon: Automatic horizontal scaling.
  • Coming soon: Automatic snapshots and backups.