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If you want to deploy this project for yourself, there are some basic requirements that you'll need.


This project is designed to be extremely easy to use, but that does not mean it is intended for beginners! We're using advanced concepts here, and it's expected that you will fork the project and continue development on your own.

You should have intermediate knowledge of the following technologies:

  • Linux
  • Git
  • OpenStack or another cloud platform
  • GitLab or another CI/CD platform
  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes


If you don't already have an OpenStack cloud to deploy on, then you'll need some suitable hardware.

PowerEdge T420

This project is built and tested against an old Dell T420 tower server, which can be had for as little as $400. It's a capable and reliable machine, that avoids the significant investment of a rack-mounted setup. Perfect for almost any homelab!

Minimum Specs

You can use any hardware you like, however, provided it meets the following minimum specs:

24 threads64 GB RAM1x 1 TB NVMe + 1x HDD array2x 1 GbE NIC

Other Requirements

You'll also need the following:

  • A GitLab account
  • A Google account (for off-site backups)

Initial Setup


You'll need to install a few dependencies on your local system.


  1. Sign in to your GitLab account, and fork this project's repository.

  2. Clone your fork to your local system, and change directory into it.

    git clone<your-namespace>/homelab.git
    cd homelab